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the healing process) The therapies used by Metropolis practitioners can provide thorough, long lasting and complete elimination of many kinds of ailments, both acute and chronic. Like all medical disciplines, we cannot promise a cure. There are some individuals who can be helped only partly because of their weakness of life force, the severity of their illness, the number of strong drugs they are taking or insurmountable stresses in their lives. The role of the practitioner is to evaluate the progression in the direction of healing and to continue to work with you in enhancing your health in all respects. It is your responsibility to clearly communicate your symptoms, your state of health and any concerns.

The process and pace of this kind of healing is different than that of mainstream (allopathic) medicine, especially in chronic cases. While we work to control unpleasant symptoms, our aim is for lasting improvement of your overall state of health. Regaining health through homeopathy is not a "quick fix" but a commitment to better health, to the process of healing and the adoption of good health practices.

During the first stages of treatment, patients can experience an intensification or aggravation of their symptoms or a return of symptoms that have been experienced in the past. This can include physical symptoms as well as emotional states. If this does occur, it is typically limited and occurs within the first few weeks of beginning treatment. This reaction should not cause alarm but be viewed as a favorable one as it indicates that the body is responding to the treatment and is working now to eliminate the disease process that is at the root of all the symptoms. Should you have any concern about these symptoms, please call our office.

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