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follow-up visits) Chiropractic treatment varies in frequency depending upon the specific nature of your complaint. Our aim is to get you well in the shortest amount of time but also to ensure that future episodes of your condition will be minimized if not completely abated. Many of our patients find that monthly wellness care is the cornerstone of their health maintenance plan.

In general, homeopathic treatments typically call for a follow-up evaluation two weeks after your first visit. Thereafter, monthly visits are encouraged as a way to support your healing process through the first six months. The length of treatment depends on many factors and can only be estimated at the conclusion of the initial evaluation. The overall health of the patient, the type of disease conditions present, the amount of conventional or prescription medications that have been or are currently being used are all influential in anticipating the response to the remedy. In general, however, it is usually estimated that one month under the influence of a Homeopathic remedy is needed for every year that an illness has been present.

These are merely guidelines and can be adjusted for your individual needs. For example, children often respond very quickly and require fewer visits than an adult who has been suffering from a chronic condition.

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